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Striper Guide Steve Texoma

Hey Jeff... If you are ever in Texas look me up for some "fresh water" striper fishing.

fishing rods

Nice fish!
Hope you are fully recovered by now and cathing lots of fish.


Never been fishing for stripper but would be interested in the how, where and what equipment you need.

Simone Gambler

That fish in your photo is huge! There seems to be a lot of fishes in the lake this year. It's a perfect welcome back gift for you, Peter. I hope you've fully recovered. Keep it cool then. =)

bass fishing tips

Great adventure though. Thanks for the great bass fishing tips. I learned a ton, caught some good fish.

Peter Driscoll

Hi Peter,

Welcome back! Chester had told me that you suffered an injury, but did not know the details. Hope you have a full recovery.

I have had limited time to fish this year, and have had some limited success -- a little better than last year, but not like years past.

Just back fronm our annual family canoe camping trip -- Baskahegan Lake in Washington County this year. Boys caught lots of fish, but the campsites were pretty rugged, as was the weather.

Be honored to take you fishing any time I go if you are interested -- be good to have someone new to tell my lame jokes to.......

Nice to know you are back among the living......


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