Sluggos on the ledges...Maine Striper Fishing Update
Coming Back to Earth - Maine Fishing Report

A Change in the Game...Striper Fishing in Maine

Striper fishing in Maine is incredibly varied. We've moved away from drifting the deep ledges that hold blueback herring and onto the flats.The stripers are still stacked on the underwater structure and will eat both artificials and bait but it is so much more fun to pole across a flat casting a top water plug or floating fly line to the swirls, v-wakes and funky water and then watch the fish attack your offering. When light and wind conditions are right we are able to cast to individual and small groups of fish that we see. This is challenging fishing but can be incredibly rewarding, especially if that BIG fish eats your fly while you watch the whole thing.

Being on the water early has paid dividends this week. Get out when the wind is down and the light is low to start your hunt. There's plenty of time to sleep when the fish are gone...well, wait, that's gunnin' season and the ducks fly at dawn. Okay, set aside some mornings in January to sleep in.


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