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The Days are Getting Longer

The sun is just rising behind the mountains when I walk into my office and there is still visible light when I leave. We've gained over an hour of daylight here in the western mountains of Maine, always a benchmark that I notice as we slowly move towards spring. Even though the temp never made it above 10 degrees today here at Sunday River, we're all thinking about seasons to come. Your emails and phone calls are picking up and it's reassuring to keep my tide calendar handy.

Give us a call or send along an email if you want to talk dates or ask questions about gear. Gordon is keeping watch over the Kennebec, snowshoeing across the river most days to his smelt shack, keeping up with his omega-3 intake and enjoying the fruits of the watershed. Give him a call and he might have to set his cell phone down, exclaiming "fish on", while he hauls in another rainbow smelt.

Capt Peter Fallon