Okay pookey, do the honors!
Late Launch, Time for Quick Update

The smell of success

Walked into my wife's office after washing down the boat to announce that I was home a full ten minutes before the latest possible time that I said I'd return. As I handed her a seltzer water she said, "you caught some fish today." I replied, "that's right, that's the smell of success."

More good news to report from this morning. We didn't launch until 5:30 but found fish with some consistency until 11:00 when the current slacked off. Sometimes just a fish here and a fish there, other times it was hell for the herring. This was the first episode of truly busting fish that I've seen here on the Kennebec this season. When the bass were coming up in groups it was usually away from the ledges and right in the deeper, faster water. Occasionally we'd see bait driven up on to the rock weed, but it was more productive by 5:1 to cast away from the rocks. Lots of fat 24 to 28 inch fish. Nothing BIG to report for us yet as the best fish of the day was about 32 inches. Headed out this afternoon/evening to work the flats as the water drops out again. Hopefully this wind will slack off by then. Once again, Robert Redford has nothing on us, as we were in effect fishing private water all morning. Didn't see another boat until we got back to the ramp.

Capt. Peter Fallon


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Fritz Folts

Peter -

Looking forward to getting out on the water tomorrow afternoon and evening.
Very much enjoying the updates, keep em coming!

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