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Shallow Water Striper Fishing

Waterflow Trending in the Right Direction

Here's a graph of waterflow rates on the Kennebec River from Sidney, Maine (between Augusta and Waterville) that I copied from the USGS Streamflow Site. You'll notice that the scale on the y-axis is not linear. The triangle data points indicate the average flow rate over the past 24 years, which means that the river has been running at 4 to 10 times the average rate over the past couple of weeks due to runoff from rain and dam releases upriver.

Picture 19

We're slowly seeing clearer water on the flats, with a significant difference between clarity on the incoming tide and the outgoing tide. Even water at Small Point is still stained. I'm looking forward to better sightcasting conditions in the next week.

I didn't see any surface action down around the mouth of the Kennebec yesterday morning. I did find a couple of groups of fish holding in very dirty water later in the tide. They were glued to the bottom but very willing to eat if you got down to them - tick, tick, tick, tick, bam.

Capt. Peter Fallon


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