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...can be good news. Not much different to report from this morning, which is just fine with me. Fishing was good for the first couple hours of the day and then slacked off by 9:00, at least in the shallow water. I spent a lot of time working what I call "pocket flats", spots that are really small and adjacent to drop offs and fast moving water. Very different from the big mud and sand flats that can capture my attention for hours when the fish are on them. Most of the places I worked today are much smaller than my yard; edges that I can pole across in ten minutes, unless there are fish on them.

I didn't tie any fourteen foot leaders or break out the 8 pound tippet. Big herring flies, both traditional groceries and hollow fleyes, seemed to do the trick. Poppers tied "Faulkingham Style " were also getting chowed. Nothing big to report, but a nice mix of fish over and in the slot limit had me smiling all morning.

I did wear a vest until almost 9:00 AM, which is the first time I've added a layer (other than in the rain) in a couple of weeks. The wind was up early, blowing in off the cooler waters that Bill brought to shore. I see that we're due for low temps in the mid 40's for tomorrow night. How long has it been?

Another sign of the times is the decrease in boat traffic on the river. I've really noticed a drop off over the past week. There were a decent number of boats out on the water by 9:00, but it has been quiet at the ramp around sunrise and almost lonely in the evenings.

The surf from the Bill has the oceanside flats stirred up. Sighting fish down river has been really tough since this past weekend. We also have runoff from the river that is staining the water. Hopefully we'll see some improvement in clarity by this weekend. I'm not fond of these weaker tides but they do limit the amount of additional sediment added to the water.

I keep getting good news from other guides fishing the Kennebec, New Meadows, Casco Bay and south of Portland. Seems like were all finding August to be better than July and the end of this month pointing towards a fun time for the fall. Get out and fish, for before we know it we'll all be donning a lot more than a vest when we head out in the morning.

Capt. Peter Fallon



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