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Fritz Folts

Both Dan and Peter are class acts, totally professional fishing guides in the best sense. They also are adept at making their trips fun for their clients regardless of how good or frustrating the fishing may be on that day. I have fished with Peter F. for over 5 years now and we often happen upon Dan in his boat with clients when we are out and about on the water. These two guys work very, very hard and somewhat surprisingly actually help one another locate fish and by doing so they both improve their chances of finding fish for their clients. This is one of the major reasons that they are both successful in a tough, what have you done for me lately, business.

Peter Driscoll

Hi Peter,

Your posts about more aggressive earlier in the week had me pretty pumped for Saturday -- but my morning was not very productive -- saw very few fish, had a few chances, did not land anything.
At the take out somebody told me that they had found breaking fish on the east shore above the put in -- might have been some of the same fish that you ran into somewhere along the line.

Pretty frustrating fishing all in all -- and the opportunities dwindle -- but hope and optimism is core of the fishing addiction I think..........

Peter D

Tom & Bess

Pete - You are right-on about Dan. We know how hard he works to make sure everyone has a good time - even his inlaws. :)
Dan takes us out at least once every year and we have a blast - rain or shine. Tom & Bess


Thanks Pete. You made my day. Hope you are getting them this week. See you out there Friday if you are not chasing Tuna South of here.

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