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Fish Finder

Great information and fun to read as well. Sneaking up on the fish is lots of fun but I still like my fish finder when I want to zero in on an area to fish. Sometimes I feel like I need all the advantages that I can get. Great blog. Thanks for the info.

Peter Driscoll

HI Peter,

I very much appreciate the quality and thoughtfullness of your postings -- thanks.

got to fish (#2)on Tuesday, dragged Chester along. My he certainly knows the river! WE managed to find fish in several locatons, usually deeper. The exception was early when the fish had some bait pinned against the shore -- but it was a very narrow stretch that seemed to hold fish.

Struck at how handsome and healthy and chunky the fish are -- we took several that were over the slot limit -- it is almost as if the slot fish has become the new schoolie -- and that makes me nervous -- where are the schoolies, and what will we be catching next year?

It was satlisfying to have a good day of fishing though -- seems like a couple of years since that happened. I remember fishing in the pouring rain last summer, with pitiful results. The weather and the fishing were both better on Tuesday.

Off to visit family for a couple of days, then the annual family canoe camping trip this year to Chesuncook lake next week -- keep posting!



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