Striper fishing and lilacs blooming
Maine Striper Update - Good News, Bad News

Striped Bass Update for the Kennebec River

First Kennebec Fish 2012
Stripers are back in the River with plenty of feed available. In our expeditionary outing, Fritz Folts and I put our time in Saturday, fishing early and fishing late and we were rewarded with one nice "first fish". We saw about six more swirls, strikes or slaps but only landed the one striper.

The Kennebec is loaded with bait of all sizes. Little sand eels around the mouth, brit herring 2 inches long from Fiddler's Reach to Parker Head, macs up as far as Goat Island and adult herring throughout. Water temps ranged from 54 to 66 degrees. We found fish in water that was about 62, but there are sure to be more bass up and down river.

Time to fill the thermos and head back out. Make sure that you are aware of the special regulations for this watershed if you are fishing the Kennebec in May and June. Hope you get to enjoy some time on the water this holiday weekend.

Capt. Peter Fallon


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Capt. Peter Fallon


I'm so glad to hear that you got out on the river. You're right about the amount of bait. It is unreal.

I poled a couple of flats down by the mouth mid-day on Sunday looking for stripers moving up with the tide. The wind was up and so my window of visibility wasn't ideal. Didn't spot any bass, just clouds and clouds of sand eel, brit herring and some macs.

Hope to see you on the water soon.


Peter Driscoll

Hi Peter,

thanks for the update. Picked up Chester this am and we gave it a go for a few hours -- two hits, no fish. Never seen so much bait! Good to be out. We were the only vehicle in the lot at 7:00 AM -- not exactly crowded. Can only get better.


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