The Albie Hunt Continues
The Striped Bass Are Back In Maine

Ready for the Next Season - Bring on the Stripers

Monday, April 21 is the last day of skiing (and the free day) here at Sunday River and although I'll get in a couple more days on snow at Sugarloaf, I'm ready for spring and what follows. It was great to see Capt. Blaine Anderson of Connecticut Guide Service posting photos of striped bass caught on the Connecticut River this morning. The fish are on the move and will soon return to the Cape, Duxbury Bay, Scituate, Boston Harbor and eventually the Kennebec River here in Maine.

I've caught fish as early as April 14 in Duxbury Bay. No word from Capt. Dave Bitters on bass in the bay yet, but it will happen, and he will share the news. The earliest stripers I've found in the Kennebec came exactly a month later, May 14, but in a different year. I don't think we have a good idea of when the first striped bass arrive in this huge watershed as there just aren't many anglers on the water here in early to mid-May. It's a short trip to trailer down to Scarborough Marsh or the Saco River, and worth the extra effort prior to June 1.

Reels are back from winter service, rods are repaired and new fly lines sit on the tackle table, awaiting my arrival home to Phippsburg. The Maverick is in the driveway, uncovered, ready for a spring cleaning. I'm firming up dates to fish Boston Harbor and tying with a purpose. It will all happen again and I will be thankful.

Capt. Peter Fallon

Gillies & Fallon Guide Service, LLC


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Capt. Peter Fallon

Hi Peter - Hearing from you is a sure sign of spring. I hope you wintered well. I had some good fishing and some really good fishing (given current striper stocks) mid to late August last year, many of the days in a clients boat...20 Maritime with a T-top. End of July was challenging with plenty of fish on the flats but fussy as could be. I spent all of my days on the water in September on the south side of Cape Cod again, chasing false albacore. Fun stuff. The boat is ready to go but I haven't splashed it yet. Look forward to seeing you out there soon. Email is [email protected].
Best - Peter

Peter Driscoll

HI Peter,

Glad to see your post -- lost track of you towards the middle of last summer and wondered if everything was OK.

No longer have your email address, so am reaching out here.

Hope to see you on the river shortly.

Peter Driscoll

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