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Looking Forward

In a time of such upheaval and disruption our first focus is appropriately on family and friends and then likely worry about business and finances. Inevitably, we wonder about a return to normalcy and resumption in the pursuit of our passions. When will we again be fishing with friends? Is the wedding celebration we’re invited to at Popham, Sebasco, Boothbay going to happen? How do I plan for summer with so many unknowns? We ask ourselves these and so many more questions while the realities of our daily life shift under our feet like sand swept by a new moon tide.

I know I’m looking forward to being out on the water, running down the Kennebec River before the sun starts to peak over the spruce trees that line the islands, looking for signs of splashing stripers and fleeing bait. Really, really looking forward all of that and sharing it with you. My fly boxes will be full. New lines rigged. Boats polished. Anticipation overflowing.

I’m ready to put your dates to fish on the calendar. No need for a deposit. We can easily make changes as we learn more about what will and will not work. At a time when we are so appropriately hyper-focused on what is right in front of us, taking a break to look ahead can serve us well.

Until we greet each other in the pre-dawn darkness at the Phippsburg launch ramp, keep your family and your self safe. Put your fly rod together and keep it strung up. Take it and your morning coffee out into the backyard and make some casts. Help your daughter or son find the joy this sport brings you. Drop me a line. Let’s check up on each other and let’s spend some time talking about fishing.


Capt. Peter Fallon

Gillies & Fallon Guide Service, LLC


[email protected]


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