Big Improvements
The Challenging Fishing Continues

Ninth Inning Update

It has been up and down this past week. Bright, sunny mornings haven’t helped. It is still slow compared to what we usually see the last week of June.

I just hauled the boat from a really fun evening of stalking fish on the flats. The wind was down and Fritz was casting to swirls, wakes, funny water, dimples and occasional splashes. The fish were fussy but it was all top water action which was a hoot even when they would follow but not commit to eating. We only landed ten fish but we had many more blow ups, misses and long distance releases. By the end of the night it was too dark to see the surface signs. Our ears were our guide to finding the fish. 

The Sox are up 4 to 1 going into the ninth. Time to get to bed. My alarm is set for 3:00. We’ll go back out and do it all over again. Keep an eye on the horizon and an ear on the weather radio if you head out this weekend.

Capt. Peter Fallon


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