Searching and waiting...
Yes, Virginia, there is a striped bass.

Gentlemen, Start your engines....

I launched this morning in the Kennebec River and prospected from Bath to Georgetown and back. I,too, saw plenty of signs of bait, warming waters, not nearly the usual crapola in the current, and three thoughts remain in my wind-swept brain...

       a. the conditions are very good for saltwater fishing for stripers and , while they are not here as yet, the table is set.

       b. there are so many seals at the mouth of the River standing guard in the perfect spot, just as Fort Popham still stands.  No fools they.  When I was a kid there was a bounty on much a nose as I remember. Yikes. Anyway, these guys arent there waiting for Godot.

       c. for the second time in as many days I saw an eagle chasing a cormorant.  This time I was blasting along at a good 25 mph and a cormorant passed me headed in the same direction. His wings were a blur. Nothing unusual about that. But hot on his tail came a juvenile eagle, same speed, but with wings that were lazy in comparison. To escape, the cormorant dove head first into the water and disappeared. At that speed, hitting the water, it must have been like slamming into concrete.  I thought, for sure, he would break his neck and be a goner. Two minutes later he popped up, swiveled his head looking for the eagle, and life resumed.

     d. did I say I had 3 thoughts?    The parking lots at the boat launches I passed were all empty. I was the only one fishing that I saw all day.  When the stripers arrive it will be "You read about it here first!!" for sure.  Stay tuned. We're working.

Capt. Gordon M. Gillies



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