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Finding the Fish

Late Launch, Time for Quick Update

We decided to wait for moving water this morning, so we'll launch at 6:00. Wow, what a leisurely start. I already re-rigged leaders, read the Sox recap and did some laundry. It's raining right now and we'll see showers off an on throughout the morning. I'm hoping that the cloud cover brings the fish back to the surface. Yesterday was bright and glorious but the fish stayed deep. We had to go down to get them.

It's been a fun week as I learn more about my new boat. Sorting out gear storage, developing habits, running in different sea conditions, poling in varying wind and current, contemplating modification and additions has me busy and happy. Spent one 12 hour marathon trip exploring water to the west of here. Had some very good charters on the Kennebec and did some local scouting that produced very little.

Herring continue to be everywhere. There is loads of very small bait (herring fry) around the mouth of the river. The macs have arrived. Haven't seen the stripers hitting them yet but the small bait can make heroes out of fly casters. We've seen a recent push of smaller schoolies (19 to 20 inches) mix in with the larger slot and over-slot fish.

Get out there and fish.

Capt. Peter Fallon


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