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June 2009


We were able to locate much improved fishing early this morning. Started at 5 AM, third cast...swirl, splash, slam...we're on. Fritz fished top water almost all morning landing fish that averaged 22 to 24 inches. One 26 inch fish played with the plug, slapped it, looked at it and finally inhaled it. We didn't weight the bass but it was fat. We could feel the herring that had its belly bulging like a Florida largemouth that you see on Saturday morning TV. The largest striper of the morning ate a black 3/4 ounce RonZ bounced along the bottom.

We focused our efforts on moving water adjacent to ledges as we hooted, laughed and sighed as the fish played with the Lonely Angler Zipster. I think that they had been feeding all tide (there were herring everywhere in the river) and weren't famished but just couldn't help themselves as that plug twitched over their heads. Think about finishing Thanksgiving dinner, doing the dishes and sitting down to watch the football game. If someone plants a bowl of peanuts on the coffee table right in front of you, how long can you resist the temptation to just grab a couple?

Time for a quick nap before heading back out for the afternoon charter. Here's the photo of the day - Morse Cove launch ramp at 9:30 AM. You can see my client's car and can just make out my truck and trailer but thats it! We didn't see another boat on the water all morning. Hope you guys had fun going to the dump, cutting the grass and wishing that the fish would show up.

Capt. Peter Fallon

Yes, Virginia, there is a striped bass.


After a busy stretch of boat work and other tasks Gordon and I fished with my dad (in Gordon's boat) below the Brunswick-Topsham Dam on Thursday morning. Casting a 3" Yamamoto tube bait (from Gordon's boat) to a smallmouth haven of a rock pile, my father landed the first striper of our Kennebec Watershed season. The river was loaded with herring and alewives. It's a pretty interesting place to fish and yet another spot that I need to better explore.

Fished this evening with Fritz and Alex in an end of school year ritual and once again brought fish to Gordon's boat. This time we were in the Kennebec between Morse Cove and the mouth of the Back River. We saw a few fish break just as the last of the ebbing current faded and found a few more bass breaking water once the incoming flow picked up.

Fritz and Alex are here for the weekend, so we'll be back out on the river early tomorrow morning. We're planning to add more mojo to the Mohiba Queen. It sure seems like the fishing is about to bust wide open. I've been looking towards this weekend as the real kick off to the Kennebec season.

We may make a trip down to fish the Portland area tomorrow evening or on Sunday as the fishing just south of us really turned on this week.

Take advantage of June. Before we know it, the days will be getting shorter.

Capt. Peter Fallon