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It rained here yesterday. Hard. All day. The river looks like coffee milk and there's more runoff to come from upstream. I'm headed out today with a couple of really good fly anglers. I'm not sure what to expect but I can't say that I'm bubbling over with unbridled optimism. These guys are still game to check it out.

There have been times (last August) when we saw torrential rainfall and had success getting big fish to eat in shallow, murky water down at the mouth of the Kennebec. Fritz might recall one of those trips. The big tides in the coming days will add to the amount of sediment suspended in the water everywhere along the coast of Maine.

If I feel like the dirty water has put the fish off, I'll be over on the New Meadows this evening. It has very little fresh water flowing into it and clears much faster. Either way, this weather event won't be a game changer, just a delay of game. The bass have continued to fill into the rivers and the bait is as thick as we've ever seen it.

I'll post an update when we get off the water.

Capt. Peter Fallon


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