Dirty Water Tips

Ready About?!

The Kennebec is flowing mud right now. We had impressive rains here on Friday. The forecast is calling for more showers, more wind and high tides so it will be a while before the river clears up. Yesterday was a challenge and reports from others indicate similar results. I postponed my trip scheduled for today and the winds will keep me off the water tomorrow as well.

There is a part of me that is pissed. I had a number of flats dialed in. There were more fish filling into the river. Wednesday was a very good day of fishing. The timing and strength of the tides is improving. I have a number of very skilled casters on the books. I was ready for it all to come together this week.

So there’s the bad news…

There is also a part of me that is excited. Excited to explore, to fish a lot of water that I haven’t covered much this season, to get to places that I haven’t fished in years and even to specifically target spots and areas that I’ve never fished. Within 30 minutes I can be at 8 different launch ramps that access waters other than the Kennebec. The possibilities are endless and being forced out of my routine could be a good thing. Some of my most significant angling discoveries came as a result of trying plans B, C, D and E when what I expected to work wasn’t doing shit. So there’s the good news.

The weather will play a large part in decisions and so it’s too early to tell where I’ll fish this week. After tomorrow, my alarm will be set for 3:00 AM instead of 3:30.

Capt. Peter Fallon


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Steve  R

Hi capt. we're all in the same boat with the weather this year! I want to ask being from away, we vacation up the coast in Sullivan and having fished the kennebec for stripers, it was a supremly great spot.Do you know of any spots down east that could hold stripers ? penobscot river, etc ?

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