Finding the Fish

Results: Inconclusive

Too late to post much. Need to get to bed. My morning charter doesn't start until 8:00 but I want to get out and pole some more flats for the first couple of hours of the day and then I have a late lunch/early supper boat run over to Five Islands with my wife for fried shrimp. She's amazingly understanding about my schedule from June through October but she gets cranky if she goes too long with out getting out on the water.

Overcast and foggy to start the morning. Found fish cruising in shallow water just as the tide started to drop. Did find some more fish in spots against ledges where you'd get one hit and that was it. The sun was bright by 8:00 and the wind was out of the north. One of those glorious days for a boat ride, if you know what I mean. Watched some birds circling high, took their cue and caught a couple fish from some small groups that would occasionally come to the surface for an instant. Never found the big groups of fish, or at least never found the big groups willing to eat for an extended period with wild abandon. The key was getting down to the fish. All in all, it was a productive morning but not one that will stand out in my memory when the leaves have fallen and the striped bass have departed.

I'll work to add some posts about technique and tackle in the near future. If you have questions for us, please go ahead and post a comment or send us an email.

Capt. Peter Fallon


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