Dirty Water Tips
Sun. Wow.

Same to the West

I worked the New Meadows Wednesday and Thursday. looking for cleaner water. We followed the same logic that Gordon posted in his Dirty Water Tips, spending most of our time down at the mouth of the river where the water was clearer. The fish that we found in shallow water on Wed. were active as the water started to flood the flats. They were chasing small bait (brit herring I suspect) which is often welcome news to flyfishers. The fish on Thur. were there but less aggressive, which surprised me given the slight south wind, rising barometer and thick fog cover. The flats that we poled upriver were covered by milky green water.

I resisted the urge to fish the Kennebec by myself last evening. Again, following Gordon's lead I choose to mow the grass. I won't make that choice many times in the season but the yard was perfect grazing pasture and the forecast calls for a return to the east wind/showers pattern for the coming days.

Time to hitch up the boat,check the weather radar and run Popham to pick up my afternoon clients. I'm on the water everyday until July 4th and will try to get back to posting more regular updates, even if very brief. Like Gordon, I'm optimistic about the coming days.

Capt. Peter Fallon


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