Same to the West
Getting Better

Sun. Wow.

IMG_0619c We've emerged. Finally crossed out of darkness and into the light. Our eyes have been set on this weekend for days, waiting to see if the forecasters would be right. I can't remember that last morning that started sunny and bright.

Now, I'm all in favor of fishing under the cover of fog, over content and secure feeling fish. I love what rain does to release a striper's inhibitions, to keep the crowds off the water, to limit the beating that I take from the sun. I'll gladly fish in any weather and know that some of the "worst" days have produced images etched in my memory, but I'll admit that after living in a three week long Gore-Tex commercial I am ready for a day in the sun with stark blue skies over deep blue water. I'm wearing shorts today and putting sunscreen on my arms and donning my darker lensed glasses.

I actually turned down two trips for this date to take my wife out in the boat with no agenda, no schedule, no 3:00 AM alarm. She's been loosing her mind due to solar radiation deprivation. Really. She was ready to hop a flight to anyplace sunny on the ocean. Belize. Tampa. Key West. Even the Jersey Shore. We've been looking ahead to today, hoping and praying that the forecast would come true.

IMG_0591 The rains and east wind and wacky barometer have made fishing difficult. A day of improvement (Tuesday) is followed by a day of disappointment (Wednesday). A decent morning (Saturday) precedes a deathly slow evening. The stripers are still around and the bait is still here in abundance. The water is stained, even at the mouth of the New Meadows and along the beaches, so sight fishing is limited to finding waking fish and they have been elusive on too many mornings and evenings. When we do get on them, they are single fish not pods. It has been two plus weeks since a fly line has landed on top of a school that erupts and blasts away. We have found some loosely organized surface feeds that are short in duration. These episodes have been a welcome sight and the bass have not been selective, eating bright hollow flyes, flashy megamushies, dark clousers, olive muddlers.

IMG_0626 I'm excited about a more stable weather pattern and clearing water. I'm loving my new flats boat. I can't wait to get Sarah out today for some therapy - Sunday Times crossword, a nap in the sun and an ice cold Bud with a basket of fried Maine shrimp picked up dockside - and she'll be healed. Here's to summer finally arriving in Maine.

Capt. Peter Fallon


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