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After a very busy stretch of family time chasing fish, tying flies with my niece, boating all over the midcoast, swimming with my nephew and the dogs for hours on end it was back to work this morning. I always feel out of sorts the night before a charter if I've been out of my routine for more than one day. Do I think that I'm going to forget how to chase stripers or that I won't have just the fly right at my finger tips or that I'll leave the house at 4:15 AM without the thermos of coffee that goes with me everytime? Well, I guess the answer is yes.

We were on fish right from the start this morning and did I have the guests to take advantage of our opportunities. I fish with the Murphy family every year. They are all fabulous anglers who appreciate their surroundings and love to catch stripers. We found bass in skinny water from 5:00 until 8:00 and then shifted to pulling fish out of moving water for the next two hours. The last two hours of our trip was much slower as we worked for a few fish on the edges of some large flats right around low water. More about these highliners after our second trip tomorrow morning.

The fishing has improved. The water is clearer and the stripers are cruising the flats. Some days I'm seeing a lot of fish but only catching a few during the brighter middle of the day. Crab flies are still the ticket in sightcasting situations although some days the fish have been agressive, slamming the Lonely Angler Spook and Shadalicious without hesitation, at 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM under bright sun and little wind.

Blues are around (2 to 8 lbs.) but I haven't found any schools of them busting bait. That could change any day but I fear that if it doesn't happen within the next week, we really won't see them here in the midcoast at all this summer.

I'm off to launch for my eveing charter. I'm hoping for a replay of this morning. Life is good, very good, when were catching fish.

Capt. Peter Fallon


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Rich M

From talking to the couple you took out.. it sounded like you did not have any trouble getting back on your game, well done!

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